Robson Redux 2015 Design-Build Winner

Announcing the winner of Robson Redux 2015: “Porch Parade”

We are excited to announce that the winner of Robson Redux Design-Build for 2015, as selected by a blind jury review, is “Porch Parade”! The installation is an ad hoc arrangement of front porches in vibrant colours. The project is the creation of Chicago-based architectural design company Design With, made up of architects Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer. The design features a collection of porches that appear abstract at first, but when full of visitors, becomes a lively and familiar atmosphere for downtown Vancouver. As of July 1, everyone in Vancouver can enjoy the simple delight of people watching and connecting from a porch down on 800 Robson Street.

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Winner design team: Design With Company - Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer

People’s Choice Winner

Robson Redux also has a People’s Choice Winner, which is selected by casting votes online or in person at the Museum of Vancouver. This year’s winner is “#icu” an installation that aims to be a catalyst for connection. Inspired by a periscope, #icu invites people to peer through windows in the installation to meet strangers, see a friend, or watch a scene.

People’s Choice Winner Design Team: Jeanie Lim, Jason Pielak, Grace Chang, Christine Chung, and Samuel McFaul

Honourable Mention

“Robson Reclaimed” reuses and reclaims local household objects by placing them out of context. People can glimpse into the interior lives in an exterior context.

Honourable Mention Design Team: Haeccity Studio Architecture – Travis Hanks and Shirley Shen; Basic Re-Purpose Design – Theunis Snyman; and Jorge Roman

“Greenest Block” transforms the block with paint to link the existing space together. The project encourages the public to question the differences between civic space and park space.

Honourable Mention Design Team: D’Arcy Jones Architecture – D’Arcy Jones, Matthew Ketis-Bendena, Craig Bissell, Dea Knight, and Caralyn Jeffs